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Our Blog gives a broad spectrum of punting related news and historic facts. We could blog about a historic site featured in our tour, this gives you an insight into the kind of historic facts to expect if you join us for a river trip. We may blog about an update or change within our company for example we might write about a new type of tour which we are offering. In the past we have written some news about the punting industry, an example was an update about illegal punting from Garret Hostel lane. You can browse through the list of weekly blogs and click through to any which interest you.

Quayside, a great spot in the summer

August 16th, 2018

The Quayside was once an industrial area surrounded by warehouses and factories. A refurbishment in 1989 transformed it into a vibrant hangout point, popular with tourists and locals alike. It consists of a large cobbled riverside area featuring many bars and restaurants.


The quayside offers a variety of restaurants. Prezzo is the most prominent and serves European food, the Galleria has a similar menu but has the added luxury of riverside balconyy. Las Iguanas serve central American food, whilst Thaikhun serves Thai food. The Puntyard Pub serves delicious, cheap pizza’s, great if are on a budget. Don’t forget the café Foy for a delicious cup of coffee and a snack.


Las Iguanas have a great variety of cocktails, which are often on special offer. Foy, the Punt Yard and the Pickeral serve the usual pub tipples. A take away brew from the wine merchants can be enjoyed which sat on the river side, a perfect spot to watch the sun go down behind Magdalene College.


Quayside is the home of many punting companies, many of which use quayside as a check-in desk. Watching the touts pedalling their tours to tourists can be very amusing, of course, we recommend booking cheaper online prices if you wish to avoid bartering on the day.

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