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June 3rd, 2022

Punting In Cambridge 143
Great day for punting

If you got to read this blog then you probably already know that a punt is a kind of boat used for site seeing in various parts of the world. It’s probably most famously used here in Cambridge. So what’s new in 2022 & how has punting survived the pandemic? Check the rest of this blog to find out.

What happened to punting during the pandemic?

The lockdowns were pretty catastrophic for punting, but overall things worked out alright. When we were not locked down lots of people wanted to be outdoors in a boat. We hope that at least a few of you will stick around this summer now that international travel has once again opened up. Things went a bit weird with the boats in the beginning, there was a belief that bigger was better for social distancing, & we even tried self-drive at Scholars Punting Cambridge. Fortunately, that’s all returned to normal now.

What’s new for punting this year

Not surprisingly the river is much the same in terms of the sites, & that’s good as we like the old-fashioned buildings. There was one new arrival at Magdalene, the magnificent library of which everyone is a fan. It looks especially great on a night punt as the lighting is very good. Magdalene college is our neighbor & we sponsor their rowing team.

We added a new punt to our fleet called the Tempest & added an older boat designed for use in Canterbury the Rapier. Both of these crafts are very elegant and a pleasure to punt.

This year all our boats have raised seating for an especially comfortable ride.

We introduced a reward for dedicated staff called the victory pole. You can see a recipient because they get their own choice of colors.

This year our new website went live. Amongst other things, it has a booking form that makes choosing the right tour for you really easy. Click this sentence to see it on our home page.

Check out this new video which we made of punting in Cambridge on YouTube. We also uploaded a similar video to our website homepage.

Fireworks punting 2022

For the first time since the pandemic, you can once again go punting to see the magnificent fireworks at Trinity and St John’s May balls. Click this sentence for the bookings page.

What’s still to come in 2022

We’re hoping for fantastic weather and an exciting year for punting. Please join us for a punt tour soon.

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