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Private Punting Tour in Cambridge

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Private Punting Tours in Cambridge

Private Punting Tours – enjoy the luxury of having the entire punt to yourself.

The punts seat up to twelve passengers, if there are fewer of you then you will be able to spread out, or even move around the punt. Please consider

All private tours are booked for a specific time, this will enable you to avoid queuing during busy times like Saturday afternoons. On a private tour, you pay for the entire boat which is more expensive for small groups but can work out cheaper for larger groups. You can expect the same high-quality boats, cushions, and blankets as you would with any of our punting tours.

Private Cambridge punting tours are different from shared punting tours because you get the luxury of having the entire punt to yourself.

You have the option of hearing the history of the colleges or not, on a shared tour the history would be mandatory.

Your visit in Cambridge isn’t complete without a private punting tour with Scholars Punting Cambridge.

What makes Scholars Different from our many competitors?

1. Tradition

As you probably gather from the spelling, our Fortey isn’t online, but we are passionate about wooden boat building & tradition. All our boats are built in-house to what we perceive to be the most luxurious, comfortable & stylish specifications. In addition to the boat presentation, we decided to stay traditional with the uniform, so expect wax jackets, cricket jumpers, waistcoats, and boat shoes. If you turned up at the Ritz and the staff were in trainers, you would be disappointed. We apply the same simple logic to punting.

2. Comfort

You will be guaranteed raised seating when traveling with us because sitting on the floor is just uncomfortable. We are the only company who guarantees this & most companies offer no raised seating.

This page is for private tours, however, even on our cheaper shared tours, you will not see customers from different tickets sharing a row of seats.

3. Price

In a competitive market, it’s important for us to stay the cheapest online.

What will I see on a punting tour in Cambridge?

Whilst enjoying a private Cambridge punting tour, you will see the backs of the Cambridge University riverside colleges. Specifically, the colleges you see are Magdelene, St. Johns, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Clare, Kings, Queens, and Darwin.

Punting tours for special occasions

We have a number of punting tours available for special occasions such as:

When can I go punting?

You can book a punting tour using our automated booking system if you wish to depart during our normal working hours 9.30 am – 6 pm (these times may vary by season). If you wish to depart outside of those times, then please drop us an email or give us a call.

Check here for our wide range of well-organized punting tours on offer.

Scholars Punting Co.

We pride ourselves on a warm, friendly service, offering chauffeured punting tours to meet individual needs and requirements. We offer excellent Cambridge punting deals on shared or private tours of the famous 'Backs' - the historic University of Cambridge colleges that align the river

All our punts are equipped with warm blankets and umbrellas, so rest assured you'll be comfortable come rain or shine. We also offer tours in a number of languages, so please let us know your preference and we'll make every effort to ensure your tour is extra special.

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