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Our Blog gives a broad spectrum of punting related news and historic facts. We could blog about a historic site featured in our tour, this gives you an insight into the kind of historic facts to expect if you join us for a river trip. We may blog about an update or change within our company for example we might write about a new type of tour which we are offering. In the past we have written some news about the punting industry, an example was an update about illegal punting from Garret Hostel lane. You can browse through the list of weekly blogs and click through to any which interest you.

new discount voucher for Cambridge punting

Discount voucher for punting in Cambridge

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Punt in the winter

Cambridge Punting Winter Tours

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What to wear punting

What To Wear Punting

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Accessible Punting

Accessible Punting for all

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Cambridge Punting Discount Voucher Codes

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Punting with your dog

Dog Friendly Punting

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Hidden tunnels under the river Cam

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Historic Kings Tree is removed

September 6th, 2018 Read more
Whats Punting is

What does punting mean?

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