The Veteran’s Punt Pole

May 3rd, 2022

What is the Veteran’s pole?

A pole otherwise known as a Quant is used to manoeuvre the boat. The Veteran’s pole is a special pole awarded to staff for exceptional service as punt chauffeurs. We like to show our appreciation to the staff at Scholars Punting Cambridge & this is one of the many ways in which they are rewarded.

The concept of the Veteran’s pole demonstrates the value that we place on experience and skill within our workforce.

What makes the Veteran’s pole better than other poles?

At Scholars Punting Cambridge, we are innovators in punting technology. Amongst other things, we were the first to build poles out of 2mm Aluminium. For many years only 2.5mm & 1.6mm varieties were available, the former being too heavy and the latter being too fragile. Since our discovery, 2mm has become the industry standard. The veteran’s pole is special because it is a composite design. By injecting foam into half of a 1.6mm pole, we create strength where it’s needed, whilst creating a lighter pole. The additional weight at the bottom of the pole also serves to make it easier to balance. Overall the pole is slightly more fragile than a 2mm pole, however, we expect the more experienced punter to use it within its limits.

In addition to the difference in pole design, the recipient also has the choice of colour and design.

The recipient receives his own lock and key, only he is permitted to use his pole.

How can staff at Scholars Punting Cambridge receive the veteran’s pole?

The veteran’s pole is awarded to staff with two years of continuous service. It can also be awarded to staff who demonstrate incredible acts of loyalty, fitness or strength. Such a feat could include saving a drowning person’s life or covering multiple shifts in place of a colleague.   

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