Comfy Raised seats for Punts

March 25th, 2022

This year we are introducing raised seats to all our fleet.

Some of the Advantages of raised seating


The raised seats sit around 220mm above floor level. This sitting position is much more comfortable & it increases legroom. In addition, seats are angled with the front 50mm taller than the back, this prevents you or the cushions from sliding down the seat when you relax.


The additional height of 220mm makes all the difference to what you can view whilst you are seated. This is particularly useful when punting outside of King’s college when the view can be obscured by the tall bank.


The introduction of raised seats further increases the quality feel & presentation of the boat.


This year all our seating and duckboards have been replaced with a variety of durable exotic hardwoods. This makes for an all-around better design than traditional redwood seating. All seating is manufactured from reclaimed timber as we are trying to do our bit to save the planet. Depending on the particular part of the structure we have used a combination of Red Meranti, Jarah & Cumaru. We reclaim from a combination of commercial demolition sites such as boardwalk & shop refits. We also use the occasional special imported pallet, however, these are hard to find.

Check out this video of the raised seats:

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