Picnic Punting In Cambridge

July 20th, 2021

Where are the picnics made?

Scholars Punters are great at chauffeuring tours, not so well versed at the delicate art of cooking. We decided to team up with locally-based Le Patissier who are experts at preparing culinary delights.  Like us, Le Patissier is based in the center of Cambridge, they even have outdoor seating overlooking St Johns College. Definitely worth a trip.

How does it work?

All you have to do is choose from any of the punting tours which are available to book on our website. Towards the end of the booking process, you will be offered the option of selecting picnics.

When you arrive for your scheduled punt tip the picnic will be waiting for you. It’s really that easy.

There is also an option to buy a gift voucher which includes a picnic. This works in a similar way, accept the recipient of the voucher will select the departure date after the voucher is received by them.

What does it include?

Included in the picnic (per person) is:

1 A soft drink

2 A slice of cake

3 A selection of finger sandwiches

4 A Cream scone with jam

How much does it cost?

You pay the normal price for any of our punt tours, then in addition, you pay a further £12.50 per person. For a lighter snack, you can select less picnics if you wish to share the portions between passengers.

Vouchers available

Use voucher code SPRING for 10% off

Valid until 28/03/2024