Scholars Punting Cambridge - Mother's Day Tour

Sit back, relax and let one of our professional guides take you slowly down the famous Cambridge college backs.

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Mother’s Day Punting Trips

What is Mother’s Day Punting?

Mother’s Day Punting with Scholars Punting Cambridge consists of a shared punting tour along our normal route, through the historic colleges. You will have your own guide.

About Mother’s Day Punting

Show mum how much you care by breaking away from the norm and taking her on a trip down the River Cam. Whether this is something mum has always wanted to do or she has been many times before, it will be a great opportunity to spend quality time together.

Mothering Sunday falls at the perfect time of year to take your mother out on the river. Spring has just sprung and the flowers are beginning to bloom in Clare College Gardens and the other sights you will see along the tour. As it is still not the height of summer, the river should be peaceful enough that this is a thoroughly relaxing as well as picturesque experience.

We can fit up to 12 passengers on each boat so feel free to club together with your siblings and other family members to treat mum to a memorable day out. Thank your mother for everything she does for you by letting her sit back and relax with her loved ones in beautiful surroundings, Scholars Punting Cambridge will take care of the rest.


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