Scholars Punting Anniversary Tour

Sit back, relax and let one of our professional guides take you slowly down the famous Cambridge collage backs.

Traditional is best

Anniversary punting 

What is it?

Whichever anniversary you are celebrating, a punt tour with Scholars Punting Cambridge is the perfect solution. We sell this as the private tour, where you don’t share with other passengers. You could just as well celebrate with a shared tour, as it may be cheaper, in which case please book via the shared tour page.

Whichever option you select, you will enjoy a traditional punt ride for 45 minutes. You will meander past all of the historic Cambridge University College Backs. Please see our virtual tour for more information on the route.

What else can Scholars Punting Cambridge help me celebrate?

Scholars Punting Cambridge caters for all kinds of occasions. We know couples who proposed on our tours, and come back year after year to celebrate the anniversary of their engagement. We also have couples who celebrate the anniversary of their wedding day itself.

The possibilities are endless –we can help you celebrate just about anything and its anniversary! So, in case you need an excuse to come punting, here is a list of celebration inspiration; retirement, independence day, peace in Europe, graduation.

Whichever anniversary and whichever occasion that you decide to celebrate, make it a good one with Scholars Punting Cambridge.




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