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Proposal Tour

What does the Proposal Punting Experience involve?

The proposal tour is a private punting tour as opposed to a shared punting tour. You will be briefed on exactly the perfect place to propose, how to do it and how to get your loved one into the exact right place whilst keeping it a surprise. We provide flowers, a picnic, and the whole thing is secretly captured on camera by Chris Radburn our very experienced photographer. After the initial proposal we will take you to some other select places on the river to pose for more photos, that way we guarantee some perfect shots.

How do we create the perfect proposal?

The Scholars Punting Cambridge team know the river very well, however we are not knowledgeable enough to calculate the exact lighting for a specified time and date. The day before we trial the wedding shots factoring in the congestion on the river, the lighting, the weather and the optimum location for your proposal and the photographer. We always suggest that you go after 6pm if its summer time, so that it isn’t quite so busy on the river.

How much does this service cost?

The complete package costs £300, however if you allow us to use the photos then the service is only £200.

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