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Sit back, relax and let one of our professional guides take you slowly down the famous Cambridge college backs. It's the best chauffeured punting tour in Cambridge.

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Punting Tours with Scholars Punting Cambridge

Scholars provide a first-class Cambridge punting experience.

Your say in Cambridge isn’t complete without a punting tour from Scholars Punting Cambridge.

During the punting tour Your chauffeur will give you an entertaining commentary detailing the rich history of the famous colleges and Cambridge landmarks.

Each of our punting tours take in the magnificent riverside colleges and bridges

The punting tour is a return trip starting and finishing at our pontoon on Thompson Lane, Jesus Green, covering two kilometres,
lasting around 45 minutes.

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Virtual River Tour
We've put together a presentation of few key sights along the river to give you a taste of what to expect on one of our lovely Cambridge punting tours. Each landmark and college has a little bit of enticing information - if only there were enough space to fit everyhting in!
Magdalene College
Founded as Magdalene College in 1542 by Thomas Audley who was Lord Chancellor the the infamous King Henry VIII. The college was originally Buckingham College before it was acquired by Henry VIII and gifted to Audley for being loyal during the reformation.
St. John's College
Founded in 1511 by Lady Margaret Beaufort, another close founder to King Henry VIII - his grandmother. Beaufort actually died in 1509 but she left instruction and funds to her chaplain John Fisher to have the college founded. The name is derived from St. John the Evangelist, a hospital sharing the namesake used to stand on the grounds of St. John's College.
The Bridge of Sighs
St. John's College is the only college on the river that boasts ownership of two bridges. What's more is that one of them is The Bridge of Sighs - a beautiful and well renouned bridge. First complete in 1831, it's original name was The New Bridge but it adopted the name The Bridge of Sighs due to a remark made by Queen Victoria.
Trinity College
As it stands, Trinity College is the largest and wealthiest college in Cambridge, and for good reason. Trinity was founded in 1546 by King Henry VIII at the culmination of the Reformation of the Church. Trinity is renouned for it's impressive accolades in science and alumni such as Isaac Newton.
Trinity Hall
Trinity Hall shares only a name with it's neighbour, it is a college in it's own right. Founded in 1350 by Bishop William Bateman of Norwich at the zenith of the Black Death. Bateman founded the college to rekindle the population of clergymen.
Clare College
Founded in 1326 by the Chancellor of the University but without a lot of money; a French princess refounded the college in 1338 and the college shares it's namesake with her, Lady Elizabeth De Clare. Famous for their immaculate gardens once prowled by alumnus Sir David Attenborough.
King's College
Founded in 1441 by King Henry VI - The Mad or The Gentle depending on who you speak to. He founded the college solely as a finishing school for Eaton students; it's not a coincidence that King Henry VI just so happened to found Eaton a year before in 1440. King's College was once home to the great Alan Turing.
King's Chapel
King's Chapel at it's time was an engineering marvel. The construction took almost 100 years and spanned the reign of five kings; due to the Wars of the Roses it was a turbulent time to be on the throne. The Chapel boasts the heaviest fan vaulted cieling in the world, and in terms of size comes in third.
Queens' College
King's and Queens' - in name and in marriage. Queens' College, founded in 1447 was originally founded by the wife of Henry VI but just as the Kings were in quick succession so were their Queens. The last foundress and the third Queen of Queens' is Anne Neville, she's their favourite.
Mathematical Bridge
The iteration we see here is the third iteration of the Mathematical Bridge. Built in 1904 from the extremely strong teak wood. The design originated from the mind of William Etheridge, a student of Sir Isaac Newton. Etheridge used a radial tangent design for the bridge, it's straight beams creating a circle.
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