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How long can I rent the boat for?

The standard punt rental is 60 minutes. This should be enough time for you to punt past all the sites and return your boat.

What is the pricing structure?

We charge £50 for pre-booked time slots on weekdays and £90 on weekends.

Can I book more than one time slot?

Yes, that’s fine to book two or more slots.

What if I return the boat late?

Boats returned late will be charged at double rate, and rounded to the next half-hour increment. We are sorry to have such a strict policy, but the boat may be booked for someone else.

Is it easy to control?

Punting looks very easy, but it is extremely difficult. When you receive your punt, you will be given an explanation on how to do it. You must punt in the quiet area towards Jesus Green Lock before you venture into the city centre.

What if I cant do it?

If you cannot punt in a straight line after practising in the quiet area towards Jesus Lock, then you must not punt into the busy city centre because it will put other river users and yourself at risk of COVID 19.

As long as you have 45 minutes left of your hire, then you will be permitted to upgrade to a guided tour by paying the balance. Here is a link to book a private tour. Shared tours are sometimes cheaper, so here is a link.

Should I be able to swim?

Yes, you and all of your party must be able to swim in case of emergency. Self-drive is on a smaller vessel and it is particularly unstable for the driver.

If you don’t want to rick swimming, then we suggest booking a tour.

What is the best time to depart?

It’s best to avoid the busier times and punt early or later on in the day. Here is a link to a blog about the best times to go punting.

How many people can the boat seat?

Self-drive punts seat five passengers and one drive.

Is there a deposit

On the day of the rental, you will leave a £200 refundable deposit on your credit card.

What if I return late?

Returning late is easy to avoid as the return is with the current, and generally, people improve their skills during the session.

Returning late is charged at double rate rounded up to the next half hour. It may seem unreasonable, however, we can’t keep other customers waiting who have pre-booked.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please click this link to our terms and conditions

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