When is the best time to go Punting in Cambridge?

May 11th, 2018


When to go punting

There are many factors which affect when you should go punting in Cambridge. These include weather, how busy it is, and lighting. This blog seeks to advise you on all of these matters.

Perfect punting weather conditions

What better place to be than on the river in the hot summer sun. The sun reflects and shimmers off the water and you can even dip your fingers in the river to cool off. At the other end of the weather spectrum, you can also enjoy punting in the snow. The white background makes for an altogether different experience.

How busy is it?

Most people prefer to go punting when it is less busy because there are no queues and the river isn’t congested. The peak times are between 13.00 and 17.00. It is also particularly busy at weekends. If it is sunny, then you should also expect it to be busy.


St Johns College is best illuminated in the morning, whereas Trinity, Kings and Queens are best viewed in the afternoon or evening. Daytime tours benefit from sun and light, but those people wishing to avoid the heat may prefer to come later. The evening or early morning sun is particularly atmospheric. Night time tours are done by candlelight, and the buildings are visible by college lighting. This makes for a unique and beautiful way of viewing the colleges. Sound romantic? Why not book a romantic evening punt tour as a special treat for your loved one?