Should I book punting in Cambridge?

December 15th, 2019

Booking a punt tour online

Booking online is recommended whichever of the nine punting companies you choose to go with. It’s generally around half the price of a ticket purchased from the departure point.

You can easily book punt tours using the Scholars Punting Cambridge website. It’s a secure payment using a credit or debit card. Click this link for the fastest way to book a ticket online, alternatively browse our more in-depth range of tours.

Booking a punt tour by telephone

Booking by telephone may be a preference for those people who are less computer literate or have concerns over the security of using a card online. Generally the same discounted rates available online will be available to people booking by telephone. When booking by telephone with ourselves you will not even need an email address as it can be a ticket free service where we put your name on our list.

Telephone 01223 430049 to book a punt with ourselves.

Advantages of booking a punt tour online or telephone

Private tour

The main advantage is that you can guarantee a specific time slot.

Arriving without a ticket peak season will result in a long wait.

If the weather is good, then this price will be cheaper than a ticket purchased on the station.

Shared tour

The price is often half of what you pay if you don’t pre-book.

Disadvantages of booking a punt tour online

Private and shared

If the weather is terrible and you wish to cancel then check the cancellation policy on your ticket.

At Scholars we will offer a full refund as long as you can give us three hours notice, the exception being early mornings when we may not be able to notify the staff in time. The notice period is only required on private tours as shared tours have no specific departure time.


If it’s bad weather on the day then the prices for a ticket bort at the station often drop below the online price.

If you arrive late most companies will try to reschedule your booking. Unfortunately, this is not possible during peak times when its busy.


Shared tour tickets have no specific departure time. It will be frustrating if the company that you purchased your ticket for happens to be busy, whereas another company nearby has availability. You can mitigate against this problem by calling ahead to see if there are many private tours scheduled at your desired departure time, however, this doesn’t account for random surges in walk-in trade.

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