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May Week Fireworks Punting

Probably the biggest event of the year on the river in Cambridge. The spectacular May Ball Fireworks displays offer a unique occasion when town meets gown and local people can join in with the graduation celebrations. The only way to get a really good view of the May Balls is by the river as it’s not possible to get as close to the colleges by foot.

Monday 19th June 2017 – Trinity College Ball, and Clare College
Tuesday 20th June 2017 – St John’s College Ball and Queen’s College.

Tours depart from our normal station at 8pm, fireworks go off around 10pm and we are usually back at the station by 11.

It costs £250 for a tour up to 12 passengers. Please book either do so over the phone 07786332666 or drop me an email


May week fireworks

amazing view of the fireworks

Public Tours

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Private Tours

Punt and Dine


Grantchester Punting

Granchester is a village close to Cambridge. Its famous for its tea rooms, the tv show and of course punting. It takes a full day to punt to Grantchester, stop off for tea at the orchard tea rooms, then punt back. Along the way, you will see the College Backs, a wooded area and the Granchester meadows. There is even a selection of rope swings for those people who enjoy a swim. The price for this tour depends on our availability but broadly speaking £250 for a weekday to £1000 for a weekend peak season. The price would be for a punt which seats up to 12 passengers and includes a driver. Please drop us a line by telephone or email to get an exact quote.

Granchester Punting

relaxing punting trip through the meadows of Granchester

Hen Party Punting

Punting is a great activity to do whilst celebrating a hen party. Each punt comfortably takes up to 12 passengers. You will also get a guide, who will take you on a trip past all the Cambridge university buildings. You are free to bring a bottle of wine or some snacks to enjoy whilst on your trip. To book a hen party tour follow the link to our private tour booking page.

hen party punting

great day out

evening punting tour

The river cam is very busy during the day. After five o’clock it becomes delightfully quiet and tranquil. Why not avoid the hustle and bustle of the day and book a tour which departs after hours. Our automated booking only accepts tours within the normal working day, so you can either drop us a line by phone, or email.

Evening Punting

River looks great after hours

Valentine Punting Tour

Why not take your loved one for a trip out on the river for Valentine’s day. Like a Gondala trip in Venice, Punting is an iconic romantic thing to do. You can book this via our automated booking service by booking as a romantic tour, and selecting the 14th of February. Its likely that you wish to book out of normal working hours, if that is the case then please call or email because our automated booking service doesn’t account for this.