Punt and Dine
Scholars Punt & Dine

Enjoy luxurious food and a luxurious punting trip


The Galleria Cambridge is a multi award winning restaurant ideally situated opposite Magdelene college on the river. They have a balcony seating area when you can soak up the sunshine and observe the punting and the beautiful architecture, whilst you enjoy your meal.

Galleria has over 20 years experience. In that time they have learnt to serve the highest quality food with the greatest of customer service. The environment, the location and the service are absolutely premium.

The Punt and dine deal includes a ticket for our shared tour and a meal with a starter and main course at the Galleria restaurant. The Punt and dine menu is linked below, it includes most of what is available on the main menu, less a few more expensive dishes.

The punt and dine ticket doesn’t create a restaurant or punting booking time. That means that during busy times you will need to wait until there is space available. For example on a Saturday evening in the Galleria is isn’t unusual to have to return one hour later, however I can assure you that its worth the wait.

If we unable to service your ticket for either the punting or the dining, then you will be entitled to a refund of £10 for the punting and or £16 for the dining. Refunds are issued from Scholars Punting. If you purchased online, then we will refund you online, if you purchased in person then you will be refunded in person.




Check out the Galleria website