Scholars Punting Cambridge Wedding Services

Is there accessible water at your proposed wedding reception? Get punting!

You may wish to include a punt at your wedding. It is an ideal activity to include if your wedding venue or reception has a water feature. A punting tour can add atmosphere to your wedding as well as show the venue from a unique view point. Ideally this would be a river, canal or lake, but we could also use a large pond or swimming pool. All staff are uniformed in traditional waist coat, trousers and shoes.

Typically we would deliver the punt/punts before the wedding reception starts. We would be available to take your guests for Chauffeured punting tours throughout the evening, then we would leave in the early hours of the morning. It is best to contact us at least a few months before the wedding.

We will need to plan how we can get the punt in an out, and apply for any licences that may be needed. Prices start from £1000 for the punt, transport and three members of uniformed staff. This is to within a half hour drive from Cambridge. Additional fees apply for additional mileage, licences and if there is additional work required for mooring or delivery of the punt into the water. A list of wedding venues which can support a punting tour; “coming soon”