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Landing stage 35 Beaufort Place, Thompson's Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8AG

Scholars Punting Cambridge is proud to be a member of several well-regarded associations. It is important to be part of these associations in order to assure the quality of our service. We are a member of Visit Cambridge. This shows that we are a legitimate company. Most companies who are not members are illegal operators, with the exception of a few websites who sell tickets on behalf of legitimate operators such as Scholars Punting Cambridge. You can find us listed on the official Visit Cambridge website. We are also a member of the British Marine Federation. BMF promote the marine industry in this country. Their goal is to promote sustainable growth within the global market of boating, and of course punting. We are proud members because it demonstrates that we comply with regulations. Through British Marine, we have also joined the Passenger Boat Association. It has proven useful to connect with other boating companies and exchange ideas about health and safety procedure, and ways in which we can improve or customer service and profitability. Through British Marine, we have also joined the British Marine Boat Builders Association. We meet quarterly to discuss vital matters which affect our companies, for example health and safety, European legislation (and how to work within it), competitiveness and training. It is useful to be part of a network of boat builders, so that we can exchange ideas and techniques.

British Marine Federation

british marine foundation


Passenger Boat Association

passenger boat association


British Marine Boatbuilders

british marine boatbuilders


Visit Cambridge

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