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Covid 19

Scholar's Covid 19 information

Traditional is best

Perspex Social distancing screen. Only two seats immediately in front of the Chauffeur, positioned to the opposite side of the vessel.

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We have been working hard to prepare our staff and vessels ready to provide COVID 19 safe tours of the Cam. Click on any of the following titles to skip to that part of the page;

  1. When will we be open?
  2. Is Punting Safe?
  3. The Changes we have put in place to stop contamination
  4. Social Distancing rules for separate households (hen parties)

When will we be open?

We are currently open. Click here to link to our booking page.

Is Punting Safe?

The world health organisation has specified that COVID 19 is more difficult to catch outdoors. We think that a river is a great place for social distancing. Check out the following video of the river looking peaceful, it’s much more clear than the busy streets:

The Changes we have put in place to stop contamination

  1. Our staff will be wearing the correct levels of PPE. PPE will vary depending on the staff role and whether the particular part of the punting experience requires more or less PPE.Personal Protective Equipment for Covid 19
  2. Boats and equipment will be wiped down with antiviral spray between customers
  3. Hand sanitiser will be available to customers at all points during the punting experience
  4. Customers will be able to attend in groups that are permitted by the government at the time of departure. Such groups will be separated by one + meter or by an impact-resistant screen such as the one depicted in the following video. Chauffeurs will adhere to the two-meter rule or one meter with a visor.


Social Distancing rules for separate households (hen parties)

Up to 6 people from separate households can meet outside as long as they adhere to social distancing measures. In the case that every person is from a different household, then the boat capacity is reduced from 12 down to 7. Capacity will vary depending on whether some of those people are from the same household.



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