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Top 6 places to go for a date in Cambridge

January 28th, 2019

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Top 6 places to go for a date in Cambridge

Valentine’s day is just a few weeks away. With that in mind I decided to present the top places to go for a date in Cambridge. This blog will be shared on social media, so please be sure to give your feedback. Have you used any of these date ideas?, do you have any advice to further improve the date experience?.


6 Grand arcade


This is an opportunity to impress your date with your choice of retail. Depending on your preference stick to John Lewis or Gant and try to avoid Sports Direct because it sends the wrong message. There is no need to buy gifts for your partner in order to demonstrate your financial prowess, instead make expensive purchases for yourself, which can later be refunded.


5 Mill Rd.


Mill road is Cambridge’s answer to Camden Lock. It will leave your date feeling that you are highly fashionable and left of centre. Why not start the night with a restaurant There are no end of artisan restaurants ranging from Mauritzios Italian to Bedouin North African. You can show your loved one that you are well travelled and cultured by taking a Shisha at Rotunda. Demonstrate that you are financially stable, yet Corbyn still gets your vote by enjoying a reassuringly expensive working class real Ale in the Cambridge Blue. Alternatively prove that you are the alter mate hipster by attending an event in Relevant Records.


4 Restaurants


Like a Rolex watch, a restaurant gives the opportunity for you to demonstrate perceived wealth. It can also demonstrate how much that person means to you, because you are spending your hard earned money on them and not something else. Watch out!, Depending on whether you subscribe to the hard to get psychology, this can work for or against you. If you wish to play down the spend why not enjoy an understated meal in the Fort St George. If your out to impress then I recommend Hotel Du Vin. In order to seem well to do, learn the wine list before you arrive.


3 Grantchester tea rooms


Grantchester Meadows are a naturally beautiful area of the countryside. Lots of rich people live and visit here, which will stand you in good light. Its also popular with Families, which will make your potential spouse think that you are a safe bet as a future parent. There are several pubs with beer gardens which are very pleasant on a hot summers day. To complete the experience arrive in a pretentious vintage sports car, or arrange a punt ride.


2 Walk through the city centre.


Walking through the beautiful city centre is a great choice because it will allow to date to take you naturally where the two of you want it to go. Kings Parade has some amazing sights such as the Kings College Chapel. Choosing this location shows that you have class and intellect, this is after all Cambridge University. There are plenty of Pubs and bars in the city centre. I would recommend the Vaults for a first date. Its dimly lit and not very busy, so only the barman will witness an embarrassing unsuccessful first move.


1 Punting


Nothing says “I’m a boss” more than kicking back in an enormous chauffeur punt and having a Student do all the hard work. The scenery is breath-taking and will be sure to earn you a snog. Alternatively, you could rent a self-drive, this will serve as chance to show off some feats of strength. By working up a sweat you can create an opportunity to remove your jacket an expose your muscles. Doing the punting will make you feel in control, and help reduce the frequency of uncomfortable pauses caused by nervousness!. Punting together is also good, the close proximity breaks down barriers and helps to reduce the awkwardness of physical contact.