Historic Kings Tree is removed

September 6th, 2018

This month the weeping willow outside Kings College was removed.  The tree has been in that place for over 100 years.

Type of tree

The tree was a Weeping Willow. These types of tree are very common on river banks because they require lots of water and have long roots which often go right into the water. They feature in the classic children’s stories of the Wind in the Willows. They are also featured in the ancient ghost story of Jenny Greenteeth, where their roots represent her finders.

How does this affect the river?

Weeping willows are an important feature of the river bank in Cambridge. Unfortunately, they become unstable with age. The popular use of the river means that the risk of injury is real, so older trees must be felled for health and safety reasons. In recent history a willow tree fell on a punt outside of Trinity-hall College, breaking a woman’s ankle. The good thing about the removal of the tree is that Kings College can now be properly photographed from the Kings Bridge for the first time ever. Have a look at the photo that we took!

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