College Bumps 2019

June 28th, 2019


Punting In Cambridge 143

What is the College Bumps?

The college bumps are inter-college races held in Cambridge on the River Cam. The type of boats used are rowing 8’s, the same type used in the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race.

How did the College Bumps get its name?

To progress up the leader board you must catch up with the boat which started in front of you. The boats don’t always touch, but from a sideways perspective, they appear to be bumping into each other.

How is Scholars Punting Cambridge involved in the College bumps?

For the second year running, we have sponsored our neighbours Magdalene College. 

How did Magdalene College do in the bumps?

Last year Magdalene climbed higher than any other team. This year they started in 5th place. They were arguably the fastest team on the River, however making the jump all the way from 5th to 1st (head of the river) was too big an ask. Their first race on Wednesday saw them jump all the way to 2nd. This was an unprecedented jump within the history of bumps. Unfortunately, tiredness from this epic row caused them to drop back to 3rd place the following day. Jumping all the way to 1st proved too difficult and they were ultimately piped by Caius College. This was a fantastic achievement as it is the best Magdalene have done since the Victorian era.