Cambridge Punting Winter Tours

November 19th, 2018

Punt in the winter


The Autumn is coming to an end and the days are becoming shorter. T-shirt weather is long gone, we recommend that you wrap up warm if you go for a winter punt trip, so dig out your warm trousers, thick-soled shoes, warm coats, woolly jumpers, scarfs and gloves. Winter punting can be combined with Christmas present shopping because it provides an ideal break from the hard work. You could use a punting treat as a healthy alternative to chocolate to bribe your children into submitting to your drawn out shopping excursions. Why not purchase a punting experience as one of your Christmas presents!.


The Beauty of the river in Winter


During the winter the river presents a beautiful tranquil environment. The undisturbed water has a mirror effect which reflects the historic buildings and bridges above. Many of the trees have lost their leaves, which gives the scenery a baron yet peaceful quality. Punt early, on a clear winters morning and expect to see fog rising out of the water like steam on a hot tub.


Punting after the snow has settled is an experience in itself. The buildings, bridges and grass appear white. You can punt later into the evening because the white snow appears to magnify the fading light. The students create interesting snow sculptures on the grass outside Kings, Trinity and St Johns Colleges, these are all visible from the punt. For a real treat we recommend organising a snowball fight, for some extra fun why not bring your super soaker and surprise your friends with close to zero temperature water! (only joking).


Winter Warmer drinks


As per usual our range of alcoholic drinks is available to warm your bones. We also recommend mulled wine which is available from the Cambridge wine Merchants close to Scholars Punting Cambridge, on the quayside.


For those who don’t drink alcohol, there are teas, coffees and hot chocolate available from Café Foy and Fitzbillies.



Cosy winter punt seating


This year all our winter punts will be fitted with wood-burners and heated seats!, For an extra £5 your handsome young Chauffeur will personally come and tuck your blanket in. Only joking folks, installing those features on an open punt would be great, however, it would bend out licencing rules and the university told me that they don’t want open fires passing by the Wren Library otherwise it might set an original copy of Winnie the Poo on fire.


On a serious note, our boats are very cosy. They come with Edenborough woollen Mill blankets, which are made from natural wool which is warm and comfy. Although an open fire isn’t available, we do provide hot water bottles which will keep you toasty beneath the blankets. Of course, we supply large umbrellas, just in case it snows. Snow on the river is super atmospheric, just imagine a white layer settling on the colleges as you pass through.


We recommend the best way to stay extra cosy on the river this Winter is to take your loved one on a date. The two of you can snuggle together under the blankets. What a great way to break the ice on a first date! Equally a winter punting tour makes a great anniversary treat for longer-term lovers. There are many ways to engage your spouse in an under blanket cuddle. We recommend a fake yawn combined with a stretch from both arms, as you relax your arm is conveniently placed around your loved one’s shoulder. Watch out on a shared tour as your other arm may be engaging a stranger in some inappropriate winter cuddling action. Don’t worry though because all our Chauffeurs are all trained in safeguarding, so they will intervene if you come on too strong.



Winter events on the river


King’s college is famous for its Evensong, which is a Choir service held in the Chapel. There are many dates throughout the year, but probably the most prestigious in the Christmas Eve Evensong. Why not combine a punting trip with Evensong, with special permission from Kings College we can even drop you at the Kings Punt station!


Why not combine punting with a trip to the North Pole ice skating rink?, Its open all winter on Parker piece. If things get really cold you can even skate up the river.