The Top 5 Cambridge sites

March 13th, 2019

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The Top 5 Cambridge sites. The Top 5 Cambridge sites – highly recommended Tourist Attractions in Cambridge, England.

5 The Wren Library


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Was built in 1695 and designed by the famous British architect Sir Christopher Wren. Wren is most famous for designing St. Pauls Cathedral in London. The Building is orientated towards the setting sun in order to maximise the sunlight as late into the evening as possible.


4 Mathematical bridge


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The river Cam in Cambridge.


It was built during the 17th century and is said to have been inspired by bridges from China. It is very beautiful because it uses a comparatively small amount of material to create a strong structure. It’s a common myth that is was designed by Sir Issac Newton, actually, it was designed by his student William Etheridge.



3 New Court to St Johns


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Named the New Court because in 1831 it was once new, and compared to other older parts of the college it still is new. It was designed by Thomas Rickman and Henry Hutchinson. It is nicknamed the wedding cake because of its elaborate central clock tower. The clock Tower has no face, if you take a punt tour you will hear a variety of imaginative stories behind this, but the real reason is because they ran out of funds to complete it.


2 Bridge of Sighs


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What a great place to take a river tour


Was built at the same time as the New Court, and adjoins the New Court. It was named the Bridge of Sighs after the Venetian Bridge of Sighs by Queen Victoria. Although the design is very different, both bridges are covered and link two buildings.


1 Kings College Chapel


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Was founded in 1441 by King Henry the Sixth. Its construction took over 80 years, this was because funds had to be diverted to cover the costs of a civil war over the crown.

It is regarded as an architectural marvel and has the largest fan-vaulted ceiling in England.