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Free Photography sessions in a Punt!

February 9th, 2019


Punting In Cambridge 43

For about two years we have been holding regular photography sessions on the river in a punt. There are four of us currently who meet at least once a month, a mixture of professional and ammeter photographers. Its fairly sociable and we have even been known to grab the odd pint at the Granta.


What I have got out of it


It has been a fun experience getting to know some local photographers who have the same interest in photography. We have a few newspaper photographers and I enjoy helping them to find a photo that could sell online, we have snapped the occasional celebrity over the years. I recently purchased my own camera and I have enjoyed learning from other people the best ways to set up and capture a good shot.


When do we hold the photography sessions?


The sessions are generally dictated by weather conditions, so they can often be very last minute. Our aim is always to capture the river from a unique perspective, so unusual conditions are favourable.


How much does it cost?


The only cost is your company, however, we hope that you will tag us in your photo’s and share some good ones which we can use on our website.


How do I sign up?


Drop us an email, call or send a message on social media.