Evening punting tours Cambridge

October 14th, 2019

Punting In Cambridge 119

The route for Evening punting tours is generally along the college back’s, although it is possible to do a Grantchester tour.


The punts are traditionally built wooden boats. They include cushions and blankets for your comfort.


Good things about punting in the evenings


The evening punting tour is a great time to go punting because the river is far less congested by other river users. At times you may be the only boat in sight. This makes for a more romantic atmosphere. It’s also an ideal time to take photo’s.


Due to the downturn in business in the evenings many punting companies, offer discounted rates if you book off-peak.


The evening suns sets in the west. This illuminates the sites on the main straight of the river. It’s common knowledge that sunset and sunrise are the ideal times for the most dramatic photography. Take your companion for a romantic, evening punting tour.



Bad things about punting in the evenings


This can be a cooler time to go punting, so unless its peak summer then you will need to wrap up warm. Luckily blankets are on offer from most punting companies.


When it comes to proposals some people like an audience. In that case, it is best to stick to the busier times of the day.


How to book an evening punt tour in Cambridge


To book simply go to our private tours page and select an evening time from the dropdown menu.