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13 essential facts you need to know for a successful visit to Cambridge

January 7th, 2019

Punting In Cambridge 137

1 The best football team in the world is Cambridge United. Once inside the city, you should never dispute this


2 The closest internet cafes are cb1, cb2 and the rotunda on mill rd


3 If your planning on attending the University then you must hide away and never be seen until May week. When you do finally surface, then the strict dress code is Khaki shorts, tweed jackets and moccasin shoes. Don’t worry this will never go out of fashion, and who cares anyway because you’re better than all the mortals.


4 Avoid the Newnham carparks after dark, unless your into that kind of thing.


5 Cambridge Punts are like taxis, all the students and locals use them to get to work


6 Star of Big Brother 3, Spencer Smith once lived in Cambridge


7 Fagito’s is serving quality takeaway until 3.30am


8 Mill Rd has more hairdressers per square meter than anywhere else in the UK, its come to be known as the hairdresser’s mile


8 In case of emergency, Reality checkpoint is in the middle of Parkers piece


10 Jesus Green Lido is as warm as a bath.


11  Cyril Cripps of Cambridge University was the inventor of Velcro


12 If Cambridge had to fight Oxford, then we would win


13 The seats in Grafton cinema are much more comfortable than leisure park.